Samsung Galaxy Camera : Camera-Phone Hybrid Release 13th December 2012

Samsung Galaxy Camera is the combination of a complete camera with mobile broadband access is pretty great for those who love the shoot-and-share capabilities.

It is the closest thing we've seen to a genuine camera/phone hybrid, and also as solid photographic specifications it contains a good amount of DNA from Samsung's well-established line of smartphones. The key is the addition of a all-powerful processor, and 3G/4G connectivity. These means that just like a smartphone, the Galaxy Camera can get in touch to the web anywhere that there's mobile coverage, and should have decent power to run apps and browse the web without feeling slow. An 'Auto Cloud Backup' feature automatically saves images to Samsung's AllShare cloud storage service the moment they're taken.

The Galaxy Camera is a 16.3MP compact camera, 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, 21x optical zoom with a 4.8in LCD touchscreen running the Android operating system. It runs the latest iteration of Android Jelly Bean and will be available in two versions - a 3G + Wi-Fi model and a 4G + Wi-Fi variant (carrier and regional information TBC). This passes the first 'connected camera' to offer more than just Wi-Fi connectivity.

The photo and video will have better result when more light while shooting. This is a nice camera but a very good gadget.

reviewed by cnet and dpreview

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