5 Christmas Gift That Free-cost

With christmas coming near in few weeks, many people thingking to cut back gift budget. So you may consider these examples to show your love to others.

  • Thank you
Show other people gratitude for the things that they do for us makes them feel appreciated and corroborated. That makes them more expected to do good act for us in the future. We then know we can count on them. It’s a win-win. So make a New Year’s resolution to actively thank people for a job well done – no matter how busy you may be.
  • Say your compliments
we can build rapport and create a significant association with them. But they won’t have this effect unless they are genuine. If we actually feeling jealous, for example, our compliments will flop.
  • Be Respectful
When people feel respected, they become engaged, open and receptive to what we have to say, rather than getting defensive.
  • Smile
People tend to remember things that make them smile. Smile is the easiest way to transmit our warmness to people coldness.
  • Giving without expecting anything in return
Example pay attention when someone talk,  wait for our turn to talk. It needs focus so others can feel that we have interest.

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